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Sigih Lim, born in Los Angeles, raised in the Netherlands, Amsterdam
Sigih Lim's oevre consists of snapshots of a journey in search of a new structure within visual expression. Subjects are personal feelings, thoughts and a fascination for (structures from) nature. It*s a merge of the tangible/ figurative, a certain type of idealism and experimental research. On the one hand searching for beauty and perfection, whilst, on the other hand, looking for a natural structure and exploring the natural balance within these snapshots in time. In his later works, light is an important adversary. By playing with light, the work becomes multi faceted. It*s just like when you look at something from a different angle: it can shed a whole new light on the situation. This is exactly what Sigih tries to capture in his work and it results in more stratification and movement within the oevre.

T:0031 6 24131557